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We mainly make horizontal plastic injection molding machines ranging from 700KN to 40000KN clamping force. Now our maximum Manufacturing capacity is 16000KN machine.

That is quite easy. You send us an inquiry; we will give you quotation and delivery time.  Once you confirm the order, we will send proforma invoice for down payment. After deposit payment, we will arrange production. Before delivery, we will send trial-running video to you. In addition, after full payment, we will arrange shipment.  On the other hand, you can inspect machines in our plant before payment done.

Yes, we are very willing to support you. We have experienced technical engineers who will guide you to choose suitable model machines. You may provide detailed information to us including products name, picture, sizes, weight, output, etc. You can email to us or leave your message to us.

Totally 2 years warranty(except for wearing parts like screw& barrel and heating rings, etc. ) after shipment for mechanical parts, hydraulic parts, electric components. We will supply those parts in freeway but clients should pay the possible transportation cost.

Yes, we can send our engineer to your factory for installing, commissioning, training. We have some engineers flying among different countries for after sale service and technical support. As per experience, if everything OK usually 5-7 days is enough. Therefore, before shipment, we need you to prepare invitation letter for visa. However, please be noted that all cost happened for visa, travel, hotel should be paid in advance by customers. Moreover, we cannot guarantee each visa is successful.

Sure, Except English we also standardly have Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Turkish, and Russian.

The vertical and horizontal injection molding machine working under normal ambient temperature, the condensing temperature is below 35℃ for water cooled Chiller, the condensing temperature is below 45℃ for air cooled Chiller.


1st: First way of choosing Water Chiller

1HP water-cooled Chiller is suitable to 80 tons injection molding machine, chilled water temperature range 5-10℃.

1HP water-cooled chiller is suitable to 100 tons injection molding machine, chilled water temperature range 10-15℃.

1HP water cooled chiller is suitable to 120 tons injection molding machine, chilled water temperature range 15-20℃.

Normally, when choose Water Chiller Machine, we suggest selectivity coefficient 0.8,

i.e. 1HP water cooled chiller is suitable to 80×0.8=64 tons injection molding machine, chilled water temperature range 5-10℃.


2nd: Second way of choosing water chiller

1HP water cooled chiller is suitable to injection molding machine with shot weight 10QZ, chilled water temperature range 5-10℃.

Shot weight 1QZ=28.5g


3rd: 1HP water cooled chiller need a 1.2 tons cooling tower to remove the condenser heat.

That is really an interesting question, right?  As all we know, China Haitian is one of the most famous manufacturer of plastic injection molding machine in the world, they sell many machines every year. We respect them as a big brother in this industry. We admit Haitian machine is good, but we don’t think Haitian machine is the best, because We have our own market and customers. Why these customers choose Successor not Haitian, because we can provide same good even better machine quality, and the most important point is that our price is much cheaper than Haitian.


When buy machine or other goods, quality is the most important point and price is the most sensitive point, but we think quality/price ratio is the best judgement to help you make decision. We believe you will choose Ours after compare everything like machine quality, price, components, performance, etc.


We provide you professional injection molding solutions! You are welcome to join us!

Sorry,  One machine which can produce all products is non-existent.

Of course, one machine can produce various products, but these products should be suitable for this machine, too big or too small can not suit.

You can produce any items on one machine only if the products and its molds can suit the machine.

that’s also why we need to know what you want to produce exactly, if we get detail informations then we can analyze all information to try best to select one machine suit for all the products, or if really can not make by one machine, we can help you make a most economic solution.

Please provide us bellowing information:

1) Clear photos or drawings of the products
2) size of the products (include length, width, height and thickness)
3) weight of the products
4) Raw Material of the products
5) how many pcs per hour you want to produce the products

At least with these information we can know what is your requirements then we can select suitable machine and make you a solution.