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Ferrimino | Advanced High Level Precise and Energy Saving Toggle IMM


Line up110T to 550T clamping force 

Driving SourceEnergy saving servo motor
Injection part

Swiveling injection unit, dual nozzle touch cylinder structure

Clamping part

Toggle type with T-Slot and screw hole platen


Advanced Technology

As the production machinery for plastic  factory, advanced technology on IMM  design is the key point which helps our  clients to keep their leading marketing  position, and will help our clients keep  the modern factories management.

Energy Saving

Power and water consumption affect the cost of products  obviously, a lower power consumption IMM helps our clients  keep their marketing competition and improve products profit

High Precise

Precise injection molding is not only simply  by using good spare parts, but also the high  precise controller system, hydraulic system  and mechanical unit design as well.

High Speed

Speed improves production capacity and creates more profit  in same production time.

Robust Mechanical Unit

Mechanical unit strength is one of the most important factor of the machines quality, the strong mechanical unit will be the guarantee of IMM and mold life-span.

Modular Design

We don’t know what will happen tomorrow,  easy to come back for second, the modular  design helps upgrade the current IMM or  retrofit them to be easier.

Swiveling Type + Two Layers Linear Guide Rails Injection Unit

◉Swiveling designed injection unit helps change screw and barrel to be much easier.
◉Two layers linear guide rails helps shorten the length of injection unit support device, less deformation of the support device, which helps to improve the injection precision.
◉One piece type injection unit support device, helps injection movement to be more precise.
◉Dual carriage cylinder with diagonal layout helps to get more operation space, and get more precise injection movement.

Wider Space Between Tie-bars Clamping Unit

◉Wider range space between tie-bars, more molds size available and able to meet the needs for automatic mold installation system;
◉Long and wider designed movable platen moving feet ensure stable mold open and close movement;
◉Graphite cooper bushes, bigger diameter tie-bars, high quality material for tie-bars and toggle pins ensure longer life-span;
◉T-slot with screw hole platen, mold installation faster and more flexible;
◉Ejector with adjustable stroke, meets more special ejector movements;

AY110-S :420 x 370 mmAY280-S :630 x 580 mm
AY150-S :470 x 420 mmAY330-S :730 x 680 mm
AY180-S :520 x 470 mmAY450-S :780 x 730 mm
AY230-S :580 x 530 mmAY550-S :875 x 845 mm

Real Stuff Makes Quality

Mechanical unit strength affects the machine life-span, because of the long delivery time and different design from each manufacturer, which is the most difficult service unit for worldwide, the high strength mechanical unit design is one of the most important factor to choose a good IMM.

Ferrimino’s ultra strong mechanical unit helps you no worry on a quality IMM.

Round Designed Strengthen Ribs on Fixed Platen

The round designed fixed platen strengthen ribs extremely helpful to get the best high rigidity and less platen deformation under high clamping force.

Super Strong Moveable Platen Design

Super strong movable platen and the toggle system design helps less platen deformation under high clamping force mold close, molds will be under a perfect balance closing force, especially extend molds life-span.

Excellent Back Platen Design

The whole clamping unit strength ensure a precise molding, and affects molds life-span, on Ferrimino, the back platen design is extremely strong, ensure the enough clamping force, and clamping unit less deformation under high clamping force movement.

Strengthen Ribs on Back Platen

The super strong strengthen ribs guarantee few deformation under high clamping force.

Back Platen Anti-jumping Device

Our back platen protected by the anti-jumping device, which is helpful to prevent the back platen move up and down, ensure clamping unit moving in one-line, ensure the high strength clamping unit and precise molding needs, and extend mold life-time.


Cross Plate And Strong Toggle Pin Design

The strong 3pcs designed structure cross platen and the strong moving device, ensure the cross plate a powerful and good balance opening force.

The strong moving device equipped with graphite copper bushes, mold open and close will be more smooth, and lifetime will be longer

Tie-bar and cross plate holding bars nearly on a same surface, mold open and close will be much easier and less tie-bar and platen deformation, extremely improved the mold open and close precision, tie-bar, toggle and toggle pins lifetime.

Amazing robust tie-bars

Amazing robust tie-bars made by high quality material with double load groove design, and the strictest QC process ensure the long lifetime.

Material:  40Cr
Strength of Extension:  300MPa
Ductility:  20%
Advantages:  ① Hardness after heat treatment: 270~300HB BH (Brinell Hardness)

  ② Surface hardness after electroplate: 850~900HV (Vickers Hardness)

  ③ Electroplate thickness: ≥0.04mm.

Ultra Strong Machine Frame

With high precise laser processing, ensure high rigidity and high precise

A precise clamping unit is not enough, machine frame also important for the precise injection molding, Ferrimino IMM frame processed by high precise laser machine, which can complement each other with the clamping unit to ensure the best mechanical unit precise, and makes injection unit moving on a good balance to get the high repeatability.

Various Options of Controller

Ferrimino IMM can provide virious options for clients to choose suitable PLC controller depend on different requirements.

Precise Hydraulic Circuit

➣ Thanks to the cooperation with REXROTH, the great experience and excellent hardware ware ensure our hydraulic control to be much more precise and stable.

➣ Valves layout nearby the cylinders, ensure a faster response, & more precise hydraulic control.

➣ Hydraulic safety valve is the standard on Ferrimino.

Modular Design

Modular design will be great helpful customers who want to upgrade and retrofit their Injection molding machine installed in factories, and easy for manufacturer come true the special requirements for customers, shorten delivery time and save money for our clients.

Modular Design — Clamping unit Linear Guide Rail (optional)

Higher precise and faster mold open and close control

To get a more precise and faster mold open and close movement, clamping unit LM now is able for optional, which also highly improved the machine cleanliness, less oil and grease required for production.

Modular Design — Cascade injection function (optional)

Cascade injection is a welcome function for automotive industry, no matter the pneumatic or hydraulic type cascade injection is available to be option on Ferrimino IMM.

Modular Design — Nozzle Forward Control Ways

On Ferrimino, three different types of nozzle forward control ways are available:

✔ Limited switch nozzle forward stroke control: standard

✔ Transducer nozzle forward stroke control: Optional

✔ Pressure sensor with nozzle touch pressure indicate control: Optional

Modular Design — Water Flow Manifold (Optional)

The correct design is to meet different needs for customers’ application and requirement, you can option more zones for standard water manifolds, and visual type water manifolds for your needs.

☑ Visual water flow manifold: optional

☑ Standard water manifold

Modular Design — Integrated Hot Runner (optional)

On Ferrimino, integrated hot runner is available for option, and operate it on the controller panel, save the molds production setting data, you can load your prior mold setting date to production easily, easy to manage your production, and factory layout will be much cleaner.

Modular Design — Euromap robot interface (Euromap 12 / 67)

On Ferrimino, we reserved the installation position for EUROMAP 12 or 67 robot interface, no cable exposed outside, it will help customers easy to improve their production site management strategy.

Modular Design — Open Designed Machine Frame

Thanks to the new structure machine base design and the new advanced hydraulic circuit layout, customers can adopt conveyors for automation easier, no matter through machine base, or under machine base are easier than normal machines, save factory space and factory layout cleaner.

Clean & Safe

◉ Linear guide rails makes lubrication to be less, ensure the clean production;

◉ Graphite copper bushes makes clamping unit lubrication no need so often;

◉ High quality seamless pipes reduced leaking risk;

◉ G thread designed valve block will be helpful to avoid oil leaking.

✔ World famous ALFAGIMMA hydraulic hose with safety chain, ensure less leaking risk, safe and clean.

User Friendly Designs

💎Proportion back pressure is standard, easier for back pressure setting
💎Material chute is the standard, ensure the melt plastic won’t damage the
💎Robot interface, integrated hot runner interface installation position reserved, and no cable outside;
💎Small size oil tank cover design, easy to charge oil;
💎Ejector stroke position adjustable device, to meet different ejector needs
💎and etc ……

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