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Disposable Syringe Injection Molding Machine

Injection Molding of the Syringes is the most important part of syringe production processes because it decides the syringe components quality, like the smoothness of syringe barrel. So it will need very precise Syringe Innjection Moulding Machine and syringe molds.
We provide professional and high performance Syringe Injection Molding Machines!

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Syringe Printing machine

Here printing machine is used for printing syringe barrel. disposable syringe automatic pad printing machine is adopt the latest frequency converter,it’s the most advanced printing equipment in China because of the efficient and energy saving.The production efficiency is twice higher than the traditional screen printing machine. Printing speed can reach 240-300pcs per minute. Due to the design of high speed, each size syringe need one set pad printing machine.

Syringe Assembly Machine line

Syringe Assembly Meaning is to assemble syringe parts like separate barrel, plunger, gasket and finished needle to be a complete syringe to use. Compared to Syringe Assembly Machine India, our Medical Syringe Machine is of higher speed and more stable performance.
This Syringe Assembly Device is Automatic Assembly Device, with automatic feeder, automatic assembly and automatic elimination of unqualified syringes. With our Syringe Assembly Device, your workers just need to operate the computer control screen and collect syringes after its assembly, which helps save your much investment in labor. Besides, our Syringe Assembly Device is of high working speed to promise the daily output of your syringe factory so that help you in timely delivery time for your customers.

Disposable Syringe Blister Packaging Machine

Syringe Blister Packing Machine is one popular type of Disposable Syringe Packing Machine. The Syringe Packaging Process includes syringe auto loading, film and paper heat sealing and cutting of packed syringes.
The heat-seal mechanism of our Syringe Packaging Machine mainly includes screw displacement mechanism, heating system, lifting mechanism heat-seal mold, heat-seal air bag. The function of its heat sealing air bag is to realize the pressure balance of the heat sealing surface, and better sealing performance.

ETO Sterilizer Sterilization Equipment

Ethylene Oxide ETO Sterilize Sterilizer Equipment is the special equipment ,sterilizing the thing in the cabinet with ethylene oxide gas. It is mainly used to sterilize medical products that are not suitable for conventional high-temperature steam sterilization, such as equipment with electronic components, plastic packaging or plastic containers it precedes low-temperature fumigation sterilization in the given terms of temperature ,pressure and humidity .

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