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PVC Special Injection Molding Machine


PVC injection Molding MachineSpecial screw with particular thread design, for rigid PVC, UPVC, CPVC, powered PVC, without backstop ring and trust ring, plasticizing efficiency will be highly improved, with better stability, the product will be more perfect.

The screw surface will be processed with hard chrome plating, the hardness can be above HRC65. With good smoothly surface, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, the working life will be longer.

PVC injection Molding MachineOn the barrel equipped with multistage air fan unit to ensure the temperature precise of melting, highly improved the qualified rate.

Enlarged the hydraulic charging motor in order to improve the torque force and slow down the speed, providing better conditions for production.

Specially extended width of guard door for thr design of PVC fitting mould( specially for the mould with core- pulling oil cylinder)

Screw diametermm70
Screw L/D ratioL/D20
Theoretical shot volumecm31410
Shot weight(UPVC)g1692
Injection pressureMpa170
Injection ratecm3/s384
Plasticization capacity(UPVC)Kg/h66.1
Maximum screw strokemm365
Max. screw speedrpm165
Clamping forcekN4200
Opening strokemm740
Distance between tie-barsmm770 x 770
Max. mold heightmm780
Min. mold heightmm250
Ejector strokemm200
Ejector forcekN110
Number of ejector pinpc13
Drive powerkW51
Heating capacitykW22
Machine dimensionsm7.5 x 2.1 x 2.4
Machine weightt20

Fittings can be produced.

PVC injection Molding Machine


Fitting Injection Molds

PVC injection Molding Machine


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PVC injection Molding MachinePVC injection Molding Machine

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PVC injection Molding Machine

PVC injection Molding Machine


PVC injection Molding Machine

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PVC injection Molding Machine

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