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This Article is for Green-hand Buyers who has interests to invest the Plastic industry.


Actually we have got many inquiries from many new friends from arround world to ask one machine for every kind of plastic products, or one machine for various kinds products.

First of all, that is really appreciated for your trust and support to send us product inquiry.

I’m not being rude, but take the liberty to say that frankly speaking this kind machine which one machine can make every products is non-existent,  To make one this kind machine is impossible.

Of course, one machine can produce various products, however there is so many different plastic products in the world.

For example even only a very common plastic basin there are so many different kinds, from small to big; from light weight to heavy weight; from round ones to square, oval or even different irregular shape.   The machine which suit the biggest basin production no possible to suit the smallest basin production.


Also has some one may want to ask,  could your quote me one machine and tell us which products it can produce then let me select the  products we will produce?   or could you please give a range of what products your machines can produce.

Really sorry,  we can not!   Among so many million even billion different products,  we really can not point out “this model machine can produce these products,  that model machine can produce those products”,    We we sell is machines,  we do not produce a cyclopedia,  even the cyclopedia can not know answer.


The process of start Plastic Products Production  Project is to select suitable machine to meet your products requirements to make a solution depend on your products.  Selecting the right plastic injection molding machine is one of the most important key factors in making quality parts consistently and profitably.   A right machine will help you keep costs low then make you more competitive. This will allow you to sell more parts, earn more money.


We do understand you have no experience in the industry area now want to invest to get into this new indusrty area.  We are very willing to guide you, however we hope you please to follow our guide step by step!


The process of selecting the suitable machine starts with knowing the plastic product that will be produced by the machine. Molding parts those are not suited to the machine will result in frustration with ongoing quality problems, reduce output and damage the molds & machines.

You should know detail information of the products you want to produce:

  • Plastic material
  • Weight (of every part)
  • Length x width x height (of every part)
  • Average wall section
  • the output rate requirement

Then please provide information bellowing:
1) Clear photos or drawings of the products
2) size of the products (include length, width, height and thickness)
3) weight of the products
4) Raw Material of the products
5) how many pcs per hour you want to produce the products

At least with these information we can know what is your requirements then we can select suitable machine and make you a solution.
Otherwise we can not know which machine suitable for you can not make quotation for you.

Thank you for your understandings and cooperation in advance.





  • Muhammad Ayub Khan says:

    Great.thanks for guide its clear for newly entering plastic industry we must be first familiar with what product with which raw material do we want.thanks for clearification.

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