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Plastic injection molding machines are very common and you can use such machines for plastic production. You can find different kinds of molding machines such as hydraulic, electric, and hybrid plastic injection molding equipments. Hydraulic injection molding machine is cheaper and you can easily find their parts for repairing.  When parts of machinery or equipment fail to work, you need to replace the respective parts. For this customized specifications are considered depending on the requirement of the specific part to be replaced. Plastic injection molding machine is a speedy way to replace the parts within budget and stunning timeline.

History of Plastic Injection Molding

The very first injection molding machine was implemented in the year 1897 by John Wesley, a famous inventor from US. Molded plastics were found to be simple  equipments and you can produce various lifestyle products like shirt buttons and hair combs with such molding machines. John Wesley introduced plastic infection molding process assisted with glass and this invention led to fast production of plastic molds. Complex and intricate plastic mold goods were hence introduced gradually with time in the market.
Uses of plastic injection Molding Equipment
Injection molding comes with a plethora of advantages and these are listed below:

  1. a) Cost-effective process- The plastic injection molding machine process is highly cost friendly as they create minimal wastage. Apart from that, the spare parts of such molding machines are easily available in the market and they cost you very less amount. You can easily maintain the schedule replacement with such tools.
  2. b) Environment friendly product – As very less waste is created it is considered as an eco-friendly plastic product making machine.
  3. c) Quality of parts is high quality- The parts created in this process are durable and hence it serves you long. Quality can further be enhanced based on how molded plastics are reinforced in different materials as their component.

Types of plastic injection molding equipment

Varied types of plastic injection molding equipments are found these days. With these different kinds of equipments you can create and control the impact of the machine to the final product. Such machines are categorized based on their driving systems and these are electric, hydraulic and hybrid.

  1. a) Hydraulic variation – Until in 1980s the electric machine was invented, the hydraulic injection molding machine was the only option. The price of such machines is low and their parts do not get affected by wear and tear.


  1. b) Electric version- Electric injection molding machine are highly efficient and fast. They are energy efficient and needs very less maintenance. Oil is not used in these machines and hence you can expect a clean operational space.


  1. c) Hybrid machines– Hybrid machines are created very flexible and they can save your power consumption bill. They can cater to diverse designs and have very less downtime owing to less maintenance required. The prices of such machines are affordable and these molding machines are very useful for medical equipment manufacturers.

Tips for Buying the Right Machine
It is extremely significant that you choose the right plastic injection molding machine so that you can run it profitably and consistently. Read the list of common mistakes given below which can be avoided when selecting the machine.
 1) Do not buy second hand machines which do not operate-  Before purchasing the injection molding machine make sure you get it inspected thoroughly. A used machine which does not work properly can breakdown and you cannot able to finish your project on time.
2) Large screw diameter selection- Understand that the large diameter of the screws can be the very cause of degradation of the equipment. Shot sizes if small are used along with the large ones then more time is spent to heat up the molding equipment. So it is better to use the large slots for your molding machines.
3) General Screws- Not all the general screws used in plastic injection molding equipments is good in terms of quality. They can at times generate lower productivity rates in advanced equipments like a barrier screw.
4) Limited pressure- In order to ensure that the molding process is consistent ensures that injection pressure is not longer limited. A 100% injection pressure is the best recommended one.
5) Insufficiency in clamp tonnage- If the clamp tonnage is reduced that quality part production will not be possible. A low clamp tonnage signifies variation in wall section, inconsistency in weight, variation in size, and flash, poor finish of surface and short shots.
Maintenance Tips
Injection molding machines usually operate for long hours as they are required to provide continuous production. A regular maintenance program can help you to run these machines efficiently for long hours without any sudden disruptions.

 1) Hydraulic oil – If there is a shortage in oil then the temperature can enhance and this can impact the entire system. So site checking must be made regularly to ensure there are no leakages. If there are loose joints or worn out seals repairing or replacement of such parts must be made proactively.

2) Quality of hydraulic oil – The chemical stability of the oil or the oxidation stability must be checked as this can directly affect the life of the machine.
3) Oil temperature– 45 to 50 degree Celsius is the recommended range of oil temperature of injection molding machines. But you can also consult with the experts to set the preferred temperature.

4) Clean up of the filters- Since oil is the main component of a hydraulic plastic injection molding machine, the oil filter needs to be  cleaned twice or thrice a month on a regular basis. Apart from that, you need to change few parts of these machines after few months and you must maintain the schedule maintenance of these plastic injection molding equipments.

5) Wire checkups- Signal transmission can be impacted if there are loose joints and hence ensure that connectors are always tight and in position.

Improvements in plastic product making machine continues. With the above tips and information you can surely procure the right machinery and have a long shelf life.

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