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Injection Molding Machine uses a manufacturing process called injection molding. The specialty of such a machine is the production of parts in large scales and volumes. They are mainly used in the mass production and you can use such machines for your repetitive plastic products production. Such injection molding machines are very cost effective and you can easily complete your projects with these machines with less downtime. The costs are paid one-time initially when setting up the business and these electric molding machines are very effective for medical parts.

Plastic injection molding machine is highly significant and hence you need to consider few basic things before you buy such machines. Here you can find a proper guideline to buy plastic injection molding machine.

Some Tips to buy the right plastic injection molding machine

At times you wish to purchase an injection molding machine for a certain job. You need to get the best machine which gives additional capacities, right configuration and size. Machine purchase is not a very easy, job and hence getting solicitation and quotes from multiple dealers is recommended. A little bit of knowledge and preparation can help you with the right purchase.

  1. a) Size of the shot- This plastic amount is rated in terms of ounce or GPPS or general purpose polystyrene for US based machineries and a cm3 for any Asian or European inject molding machines. The size of the shots of injection plastic molding machines is very important and you need to choose the best inject molding machine with proper shot cavity. So when you are searching for such a machine the best recommended practice is to go for a plastic molding machine which can produce 30 to 40% higher size of shots.


  1. b) Tonnage- Tonnage refers to clamping related pressure and it is known as clamp tonnage. Tonnage in relation to press brakes mean the number of tons of down force the machine needs to directs it to make the work piece. In terms of plastic injection molding equipment, tonnage is calculated by the number of tones which such machines can competently press the platens together. These platens are needed for holding the mold cavity and create the plastic which is injected inside the cavity in order to produce the part.


  1. c) Size of the platen- The platen here in inject molding machine is the tool or the table which helps holding the mold cavity efficiently. The entire structure is spaced out where the mold is inserted. They are clamped in a secure manner with the platens. Both the platens are joined and are held with tons of pressure. This heats the plastic and under this high pressure the plastic is injected. Then you need to cool down the plastic molds and use them for further modification. Hence the size of the platnematters to add adequate pressure for giving the part the right shapes.


  1. d) Space of the tie barPlastic product making machine comprises of tie bars and these bars are placed horizontally. Spacing is an important consideration and the spacing given to the platen the size of molds can be placed for the molding cycle to begin. In this regard, you can take help from the experts and manufacturers can help you to assemble such molding machines.


  1. e) Stroke of the ejector- The stroke of the ejector in a plastic injection molding machine acts or ejects the machine in a push style for the final part to be created from the platens with the help of the ejector pins. The machine will cease to work without the ejector stroke and hence you must check the strokes of the injectors before you buy a machine. Ejector located in this molding machine helps push it opposite to the plate of the ejector. Rods or pins attach them with the late and the pushing gesture is created over the molded segment after the injected plastic is hard.


  1. f) Financial considerations- When purchasing plastic injection molding machine you must understand your financial considerations. You must prepare yourself since it is a large investment. You can ask for the quote from different manufacturers and then compare their prices to choose an affordable plastic injection molding machine. You must understand the break-even point of the investment being made and developed a conservative margin mindset when making such calculations.


  1. g) Design considerations- It is also important to understand the various design considerations when making a purchase for injection molding equipment. First of all, you must recognize the part design which will be designed with the machine. Having a simple geometrical specification and minimized number of parts at an initial level will help pay the dividends effectively when moving along. You must ensure that the machine is able to design the tool of the mold and have no defects. Research about the mold defects and ensure that the machine being purchased can fix it efficiently. If not it can lead to more financial loss in the future.


  1. h) Considerations of production- The consideration of the minimal cycle time must be known first. There are machines which are based on hot runner styled technology for example which are highly efficient. Making small plans in the purchase of the plastic injection molding equipment can make a large difference in time and cost. The design of the part must be planned in such a manner that it requires minimum amount of assembly. The costs incurred to assemble the parts can be costly and hence this aspect must be reduced as much as it is possible. Hence you can significant reduce labor costs and process costs if the machine being purchased does major works by itself.

You can take help from any acquaintance of yours who is in this business to have a better and in-depth knowledge about such machineries. You can also search such machines online and gather some relevant information about these molding machines. No doubt it is a huge investment and hence do not leave any stones unturned to gain knowledge about them before procuring them.

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